Buzzard Billy’s Blessing

Magick happens in my life on a daily basis. I wake up to the warmth of the ones I love; I savor the abundant nourishment Mother Earth provides; I breathe in the life I chose for myself, the life that I create using my imagination. But, let’s be real. Most days are pretty damn mundane and nothing overtly awesome happens to bring all this subtle, everyday magick to my attention. But then again… Some days, synchronicity does its crazy thang and I am left marveling at the weirdness and greatness of it all.

Some days shit lines up just right for something totally badass to happen.

Take, for instance, Wolfgang’s first family outing. We were having some technical issues with our computer setup that day and so my husband, the IT guy, concluded that we were in need of some little cable thingy-ma-jig which was not available at any of the retailers in our small town. The nearest city with a good electronics store was Waco, about an hour’s drive from our neck of the woods. We don’t have such a great diversity of restaurants in our town, either, and I was craving Cajun food. I decided that Wolf and I would come along for the ride so that I could get some crawfish etouffee at Buzzard Billy’s, this Creole joint on the Brazos.

Fresh Wolfgang locked and loaded for our Waco adventure.

So, we buckled our eight-day-old baby into his new carseat and went on our errand. I was starving and, like I said, the drive was not a short one. The plan was to go to Best Buy first, since it was several exits further down the highway than the restaurant, and then stop to eat etouffee on our way home. My empty stomach had me cranky as we entered Waco and I was staring out the backseat window, watching clouds race across the grey sky, as my newborn son slept beside me. I kept poking him to make sure he was really alive; newborns can be so still and silent at times that not even their breathing can be detected. It sure looked like a storm might be rolling in. I whined at Kelley that we should go eat first and we bickered a bit about the most efficient plan of action. And then, I saw something unusual which shook me from my grumpy state of mind like an earthquake.

A tall, stately African man stood in the center of a highway overpass sidewalk; plain, sunshine yellow robes billowing in the wind, a staff in his hand, with arms extended heavenwards in a stunningly powerful gesture. I was immediately reminded of Moses holding up his staff, the one that Aaron had turned into a cannibalistic snake in Pharaoh’s court, in order to keep the Red Sea open for his people to cross out of Egypt.

The parting of the Red Sea can be found in Exodus, chapter 14.

“Kelley!” I startled my husband. “Look up there on that bridge! See the guy?! What the hell is he doing?” By the time Kelley looked up from the road, we had already passed under the bridge and all he could see was the mysterious yellow figure growing small in the rearview mirror. I described the man in detail to my husband. “Crazy!” he replied, “I wonder what he was doing up there. Obviously something spiritual!” We both shook our heads, bemused.

“It seemed like he was praying over the people in the cars passing under the bridge, that’s all I can think of; some sort of blessing or curse or something…” I guessed.

“Yeah. I don’t think he was cursing, though,” Kelley said. “I didn’t feel any bad vibes or anything. He seemed benevolent to me.”

“Yeah. Weeeeird, man! What an out-of-place thing to see in Waco, Texas.” I sank deep into thought as we made our way to the computer store. As Kelley went to purchase the item we’d set out to buy, I remained in the car and nursed my sweet little Wolf. Strongly impacted by the image of the tall man in his yellow robes, I felt a burning curiosity about him. Who was he? A priest? A sorcerer? A shaman? I realized all of these possibilities were basically the same thing. Clearly, he had been a holy man of some kind, projecting potent energies at the unsuspecting people driving on the highway below him.

Like it or not, you people are being blessed.

After quite a while, Kelley returned to the car as the clouds began to drop their rain. At that point in time, Texas was just pulling out of a horrible drought and the precipitation was a welcome blessing. We returned to the highway, heading back in the direction from whence we’d come. My stomach grumbled. Damn, I had almost forgotten about how hungry I was! I was sure looking forward to that etouffee.

“Shit, babe!” I screeched “You just passed Buzzard Billy’s!” I watched the restaurant fly by and my mouth watered. Rain was coming down now. Oh, well, we were about to come to the bridge where I had seen the mysterious man of God. And, holy shit, there he was again!

“Wow!” Kelley exclaimed. “That guy is still at it!”

The man’s bright yellow robes blew wildly in the strong wind, contrasting with the backdrop of stormy dark sky. His arms were still extended in blessing as we passed under him for the second time. We exited the highway and u-turned to head back towards the Cajun food. I gazed at the priestly figure from the service road as we passed him a third time. I wonder what it means?

Mmmm... crawfish etouffee!

We tripped out over what we had seen as we stuffed our faces with delicious Creole cuisine. It was a very good meal and felt wonderful in my previously aching belly. My lover and I stared out the window over the Brazos river as the lovely, much needed raindrops fell on the surface of the water and our baby slept in his carrier. We both realized that we would never forget that day. Although nothing really special had happened to us, it sure felt special. Even though there was no obvious meaning or message to be found, we were left with a sense of wonder, reminded again of just how magickal our life was.

…and is. As the Wiccans say, blessed be!

As it turns out, the man was an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian priest. I only figured it out when I was searching the internet for a picture of a man in a yellow robe with which to illustrate this here blog post.


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